Saturday, August 28, 2010

a town called panic

A Town Called Panic post dictated by Ysa

A Town Called Panic is about toys. The main characters are Indian, Cowboy, and Horse, and it is Horse's birthday. Indian and Cowboy forgot to get Horse a gift so then they thought of giving him a barbecue and they ordered 5o bricks. But there aren't enough bricks, so Indian orders them online but Cowboy sets the cup of coffee onto the key that says zero and it goes thousand, thousand, thousand. When the bricks come there are two many, but they don't notice and alot of trucks keep coming until its 50 million bricks.

So they only use about 20 to make the barbecue and they stack the rest of the bricks onto the house. Overnight the bricks fall into the ground and everything goes up; even horses car and all of the farm animals.

All the bricks collapsed and Horse, Indian, and Cowboy got into the car and in the morning they noticed that all the bricks had collapsed. Horse got mad at them because he didn't know that they ordered all those bricks. So he whacked them into the neighbors house.

Cowboy and Indian got a huge thing of glue and started building up the bricks with the glue until it was a whole wall, while horse built the other part and painted it. It started to rain overnight and the house collapsed, so in the morning they built it again and they chained it to the tree.

Overnight some thieves with wetsuits and scuba diving masks cut the chain and took the walls.

What I liked about this movie was that it was a hilarious comedy. And I think you should see it too if you like toys. Also, it's in a different language and it has subtitles at the bottom; but it wasn't a problem. I hope you enjoyed this post about A TOWN CALLED PANIC!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Harry Potter and the half blood prince

This movie is about 3 friends that are wizards and go to a special school that is made for wizards only.Many teachers are there.One is named Snape, and the principal is Dumble Door.BUT Snape is strickt and only likes a few people and that few people is a group of bad people that want to kill DumbleDoor because they dont like him,they also dont like the 3 wizard friends who are named HARRY POTTER ,HERMIENIE,AND RON.But DumbleDoor died because Snape threw him off a cliff.It made me cry. They also burned Rons house down.I did not understand that part.


The latest movie that I saw was AVATAR and avatar is about a man named jake Sulley and he has 4 friends named Norm, Max, Truddy, and Grace. Max and Grace are scientists. There is a tribe of BLUE MONKEYS called novie, and Grace, Norm, and Jake can turn into novie.

But curnal wants to destroy the novie Home Tree. And curnal shot Grace because he was mad. The novie try to help but the wounds were too great. Everybody was arrested except for the novie and a few people were chosen to stay. And that's it.

I loved it.